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The option of renting a property during a London vacation is becoming more and more popular to many visitors. Whether you are looking to rent a mansion in Regents Park or a cosy self catering flat, London offers a vast range of rental accommodation options. Vacation rental London comes with the added attraction of being able to explore London at your own leisure without any restrictions.

If you and your fellow travelers are looking to rent a property during your stay in London then here are a few handy tips to keep in mind when booking your trip.


The first thing you should do is find “the right” property. Do your own research; you don’t want to find you are staying on the outskirts of town when you want to be in the centre of the hustle and bustle of London. Everyone likes to feel welcome and comfortable so make a check list of requirements that are important to you i.e. a shower as opposed to a bath, homely feel rather than corporate, TV and internet connection. It won’t be difficult as there are an abundance of sites to choose from. Just search for “vacation rental London” in your browser.

Depending on the accommodation you will either deal directly with the property owner or with an agency that maintains a network of rentals. These agencies may also own the apartments/flats/houses or they can act as a go-between for the owner. Out of the two I would always prefer to deal direct with the owner for reasons I will explain.

When you have narrowed down your list of options contact either the owner or agency for more information. A good website will include a contact form allowing you to enter your personal contact details, the dates you wish to travel, the number of people traveling in your party. You will then receive a response confirming availability dates and costs. Some modern websites now have a built in availability calendar to save you time.

Contact via the website can be the faster, easier and more convenient option but some of us still like to chat with a human. That’s the first positive for dealing directly with the owner.

Communicating and booking direct with the property owner can very beneficial. They are more likely to be informative and helpful because it is just as important to them that you enjoy your stay in their accommodation. It is their business so they will go the extra mile to ensure visitors feel welcome and are comfortable during their stay thus wanting to return year after year.

Agencies charge commission for each booking they secure therefore booking directly with the owner will be cheaper resulting in more pennies in your pocket to spend during your visit.

Before you commit to booking a vacation rental London make sure you have asked all the relevant questions. This is another positive reason for dealing direct with the owner. They will have a wealth of knowledge and information about the property and local area which they will be happy pass on to you.

Once you are happy to proceed ensure your booking details are confirmed in writing. It should be sent to you by email or post (email is better) and include details of the booking, house rules and have a clear easy to understand cancellation policy.

Prior to your arrival make sure you have clear written directions of how to get to the rental property. House numbers often have no obvious correlation to one another and some buildings don’t have numbers at all, just a name. London taxi drivers are the best in the world but they are not miracle workers.

It’s likely that a time will be arranged in advance of your trip to meet the property owner or manager and collect the keys. The property owner again will go the extra mile to show you around and share his knowledge of the local area i.e. where to find the local newsagents or chemist if you need them, the best restaurants to eat at and places to visit etc. An agency manager works 9-5 but the owner will always be at the end of the phone to help out if you need to make contact during your stay.

It’s up to you now to have a fun stay and take in the sights of London. Whilst you are here treat the property like you would your own home. If you enjoyed your stay comments in the visitors book are always welcomed by the owner and useful to future visitors.

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