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Why choose the self-catering holiday option when visiting central London? It is by far the best way to benefit from the freedom to come and go as you please and to explore and embrace the real London by day or by night.

Self Catering Central London offers the best of both worlds. Whatever your budget there are lots of self catering options to choose from in central London ranging from student accommodation to luxury penthouse apartments.

When you choose the self catering option you will most definitely feel more relaxed during your stay. Why live out of a suitcase and cram all your belongings into one hotel room when you can enjoy the space of individual rooms just like home? The accommodation will often be tastefully decorated by the owner with personal touches such as books, paintings and ornaments once again giving the feel of home rather than a hotel room. With self catering you wont share a bathroom or dining space with others holiday makers, so if privacy is important to you then self catering would be a good choice.


“What a warm welcome! The best flat we have ever stayed in in London .
So convenient for shopping, and a good choice of restaurants.”
T and J Cannes 

Self catering includes your own private kitchen facilities where you can prepare your own meals at a time that suits you. If you want to cook pizza at midnight you can. It provides complete flexibility as you are not tied to set meal times and it’s a really good option for those on a budget, fussy eaters, or those with special dietary needs. Of course you also have the option to eat out. London does after all have a few thousand restaurants to choose from. So with no restaurant or meal times to fit in with and no maids disturbing you to clean the room it is the perfect option for those who just want to be left alone to enjoy their holiday.

Self catering central London accommodation is great value for money. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s just a short visit or annual vacation self-catering accommodation offers real living space, instead of just a place to sleep each night. Friends, partners or families can all enjoy the best of worlds, a well deserved break or holiday in a welcoming homely setting.

So, why choose the self catering in London option?

  • It’s cheaper – Hotels can be expensive if you are on a budget
  • More space – You are not restricted to one room
  • Freedom – No rules or timetables to stick to, come and go as you please
  • Complete privacy – No sharing facilities with other holiday makers
  • Character – It feels like home as opposed to hotel rooms which often all look the same

Whatever your needs for your visit to London the self catering option is a choice that should accommodate for everyone with freedom, authenticity, independence, and most importantly choice to do what suits you.


 “We have enjoyed our stay very much.
Just feels like we have been house-sitting while friends are away!”
J and H Lancashire