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Short Breaks in London

The London capital is the most visited city in the world. Tourists have flocked here year after year for annual holidays but many now opt for short breaks in London. As a global leader in banking and financial services London also attracts a steady stream of business travelers on mid week or long weekend business trips.

The world is changing daily but London retains the classic elements that set it apart from every other city in the world. From historic icons like the Tower of London to more recent phenomena like Harry Potter, this wonderful city has an endless string of attractions day and night.

If it’s your first short break in London then Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge are an absolute must see. A great way to see them all in a short space of time is by taking a walk alongside the Thames from Westminster Bridge to Tower Bridge. 

If culture is your thing the capital offers some of the finest museums, galleries and exhibitions in the world. You don’t need to be an art expert or knowledgeable in history to appreciate them. The British museum, V&A, National Gallery and The Imperial War Museum are in the top ten to visit. The Natural History museum is a great choice for the whole family and Mums and Dads will be surprised that it’s not just the kids experiencing all the fun during a trip to the Science museum. Many of these vast permanent collections are free to enter, so you can explore London’s museums without too much of a dent in your pocket.

Serial shoppers will be in your element whilst indulging in retail urges in Oxford Street. London has a reputation to live up to in the fashion world and with thousands of shops and stores to choose from be assured it will not disappoint. Choose from designer labels in Bond Street, to bustling, vibrant street markets in Covent Garden, Notting Hill and Camden Town.

Short breaks in London allow for no rest. Days are spent visiting attractions, taking in the sites and shopping all in preparation for London by night. You will be spoilt for choice by the amazing theatre shows, lively pubs and clubs and an abundance of quality restaurants.

Traveling around the capital day or night is easy. Options include the underground AKA the Tube, The famous red London bus or you can even rent one of Boris’s bicycles if you dare. However when traveling in the capital you should not leave without experiencing a ride in a Black Taxi cab. London cabbies are the best in the world and London is their oyster.

So whatever your occasion or reason is for a trip to the capital; entertainment, history, culture or just shopping, short breaks in London offer something for everyone.